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Mining Tasks from the Web Anchor Text Graph: MSR Notebook Paper for the TREC 2015 Tasks Track

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Microsoft Research Redmond United States

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Users may have a variety of tasks that give rise to issuing a particular query. The goal of the Tasks Track at TREC2015 was to identify all aspects or subtasks of a users task as well as the documents relevant to the entire task. This was broken into two parts 1 Task Understanding which judged relevance of key phrases or queries to the original query relative to a likely task that would have given rise to both 2 Task Completion which performed document retrieval and measured usefulness to any task a user with the query might be peforming through either a completion measure that uses both relevance and usefulness criteria or more simply through an ad hoc retrieval measure of relevance alone. We submitted a run in the Task Understanding track. In particular, since the anchor text graph has proven useful in the general realm of query reformulation 2, we sought to quantify the value of extracting key phrases from anchor text in the broader setting of the task understanding track.


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