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A Class of CFAR Detectors Implemented in the SAR-GMTI Processor gmtipro2: Mathematical Formulation of the Algorithms

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Technical Report

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MDA Systems Ltd Ottawa, ON Canada

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This document provides a detailed mathematical description of several detection algorithms that have been implemented in the SMTI processor gmtipro2 and tested on the actual SAR data from RADARSAT-2 acquired in the MODEX mode. The common feature of the described algorithms is their CFAR property. All of the detectors are generalized with respect to the number of available channels. Thus, they are defined both for MODEX1 and MODEX2 modes, which have two physical and four virtual channels, respectively. All of the detectors work in the image domain, but can be combined with DC offset focusing in order to integrate all signal energy and to improve the probability of detection. DC estimation, as one of the most important auxiliary algorithms, is also presented in the form of mathematical equations. The emphasis of the report is entirely on the mathematical formalism behind the computer code that implements these algorithms. Open literature references are provided regarding the derivation and analysis of these algorithms.

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