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First Responder Immersive Training Simulation Environment (FRITSE): Downwind Hazard Modeling of Scenarios

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Technical Report

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Waterloo CFD Engineering Consulting Inc. (WATCFD) Waterloo, Ontario Canada

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In the Chemical, Biological, Radiological-Nuclear and Explosives Research and Technology InitiativeCRTI Project 09-509TD, a persistent, highly realistic, game-based synthetic environment SE for incident commanders and first responders to conduct individual andor team training and collaboration at the tactical andor strategic levels to address deliberate or accidental Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives CBRNE releases in an urban environment has been proposed. This will be achieved by integrating a state-of-the-science physics-based urban flowdispersion modeling system and a high-fidelity building-aware Geographic Information System GIS representation of a real cityscape Calgary with a proven game-based simulation engine developed by 3DInternet Inc. WATCFD is responsible for the provision of hazardous plume entities to the game-based simulation engine. The objective of this report is to provide a technical description of modeling and simulation of the highly disturbed building-induced flow field in downtown Calgary and the transport and dispersion of hazardous agents released into this complex flow field using the computational fluid dynamics CFD model urbanSTREAM. It is envisaged that the development of the game-based virtual reality CBRNE training environment developed in the present project will provide the highest quality training to incident commanders and first responders, allowing the end user to experience and respond to realistic high-risk scenarios involving CBRNE hazards in a complex cityscape in a completely safe and controlled environment.

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