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A Laboratory Study of Momentum and Passive Scalar Transport and Diffusion Within and Above a Model Urban Canopy

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Technical Report

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Coanda Research and Development Corporation Burnaby BC

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The objective of the UDM project was to collect extensive data sets of dispersion through groups of obstacles to assist in the development and validation of models of urban dispersion. Both turbulent velocity measurements and scalar concentration data were collected in three different urban obstacle arrays constructed in Coandas re-circulating water channel 1. Raupachs 2D tab array 2. Mock UrbanSetting Test MUST shipping container and 3. Urban arrays based on cubical obstacles place in a 2 X 2 unit cell. In all case, the water channel was configured to simulate rough-surface turbulent atmospheric boundary layer under neutrally stable conditions. Scalar releases were all performed with low momentum sources and neutrally buoyant fluorescent tracer solutions. This report discusses the details of the experiments and provides a brief overview of the data collected. The Appendices give the technical details on the velocity and concentration statistics that were calculated as well as the arrangement of information in the data files.

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