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Enhancements of the VASTO Post Processing and Graphical Display Programs

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Technical Report

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Martec Limited Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

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VASTG is an interactive graphics program designed specifically for use with the VAST finite element analysis program and it offers both pre-processing features for verification of the input data and post-processing features for interpretation and presentation of results. Numerous improvements have been made. The model verification modules PLOTVI and VASHID were upgraded to permit isoparametric curved beams to be plotted as solids and with eccentricities shown. VASHID was also improved in other respects to gain speed and reduce storage requirements. The load data verification capabilities of PLTV12 were expanded. The deformed model plotting capability utilizing VASHID was generalized to permit rotational degrees of freedom for the thick-thin shell elements to be either global or local. In addition, the automatic visible surface identification capability was extended to displacement and mode shape contours. Scaling on finite element plots was permitted to be automatically defined from element plotting specifications. Provisions were made to save graphics generated for terminal display on file for optional output to hardcopy devices such as laser printers. Furthermore, the capability for switching between graphics mode and alphanumerics mode was improved as well.


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