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Implementation of Individual System Qualification (ISQ) in a CBRN Respiratory Protection Program, Part B: Standard Operating Procedures

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Technical Report

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Royal Military College of Canada Kingston, ON Canada

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Protection of first responders FRs during a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear CBRN event involves a well-integrated approach by all levels of the government. The standard CANCGSBCSAZ1610-11 Protection of First Responders from Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear CBRN events provides a risk-based guidance to first responders and management regarding protection during a CBRN event. Part A of this report outlined the strategies and performance criteria to ensure the successful implementation of an individual system qualification ISQ respiratory protection program for first responders in a CBRN event, a mandatory part of the standard CSA Z1610-11. The objectives listed below are addressed in this report to support implementation of methodologies for an adequate ISQ program with compliance to best practices recommended in the standard CANCGSBCSA-Z1610-11. Several stakeholders, including the Royal Military College, participated in optimizing the recommended procedure for knowledge transfer and implementation to different organisations. These objectives are as follows Educate first responders on proper use of respiratory protection programs, donning of respirators, sizing, doffing, maintenance through standard operating procedures and compliance with standards Z1610-11. Disseminate technical knowledge to managers and trainers of first responders interested in written respiratory protection programs RPP based on Z1610-11 for CBRN respirators. Prepare and provide standard operating procedures, which standardize user instructions and training as per stakeholders interest. The implementations of an ISQ from CANCGSBCSA-Z1610-11 in all jurisdictions will ensure efficacy and safety for all FR responding to a potential CBRN event.

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