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RF Magnetic Field Uniformity of Rectangular Planar Coils for Resonance Imaging

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Technical Report,11 Jan 2016,04 Feb 2016

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US Army RDECOM-ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal United States

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In Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance, the magnitude of the RF magnetic field coupling into a material with a quadrupole moment, determines the detected NQR signal strength from the material. In this paper, two rectangular planar coils are tuned to 28.1MHz resonant frequency of KCLO3 material and matched at 50 ohm input impedance. One planar coil is a one turn 32mm x 135mm rectangular coil, and the other is a rectangular coil with square-shaped overlapping turns along the 135mm length of the coil. This paper compares these two coils to determine which has a more uniform magnetic field. The NQR signal strength at different positions along the length of the coils determine the uniformity of the magnetic field induced. The results of this paper determine the type of rectangular coil to be used in a grid array of coils for quadrupole resonance imaging, which can also be applied to Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI.

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