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The Coast Guard Proceedings of the Marine Safety and Security Council. Volume 72, Number 4, Winter 2015-2016

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Journal Article

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U.S. Coast Guard Washington United States

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Proceedings is published quarterly in the interest of safety at sea under the auspices of the Marine Safety and Security Council. Marine investigations provide vital feedback to help improve standards and compliance processes,hold parties accountable when necessary, and prevent reoccurrence of accidents thatharm people, property, and the environment. Establishing the Investigations National Center of Expertise INV-NCOE has significantlyenhanced the Coast Guards ability to investigate all marine casualties. INV-NCOE investigatorsactively support investigations around the globe, help identify trends, and develop key relationshipswith investigative counterparts from the National Transportation Safety Board andforeign maritime safety agencies. Such relationships are especially essential in the internationalrealm, as the Coast Guard has to be invited to participate in investigations that involve U.S. citizensaboard foreign-flagged vessels operating beyond U.S. waters. As an example, INV-NCOEinvestigators have supported five foreign-flagged cruise ship fire investigations within the last12 months, which prompted the release of a worldwide safety alert on fuel line maintenance. The articles in this edition show how essential and integral national centers of expertise havebecome to prevention operations. Centralizing specialized expertise for the infrequent buthighly complex investigations the marine investigators encounter has made the Coast Guardmore agile while also improving casualty investigations and suspension and revocationactions.The national centers of expertise have also established robust working relationships with keyinvestigative partners like the National Safety Transportation Board. They also field questionsfrom both internal and external stakeholders, including individual companies and industryorganizations.

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