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3D Printer Instrumentation to Create Varied Geometries of Robotic Limbs and Heterogeneous Granular Media

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Technical Report,12 May 2014,11 May 2015

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Georgia Tech Research Corporation Atlanta United States

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There is a need for robotic devices to move effectively on and within complex heterogeneous ground like sand, soil and loose rubble. Such devices could perform military reconnaissance and urban search and rescue in such media by running, crawling and jumping on the surface, and even burying and swimming within it. In the biological world, many organisms are specialized to move in and on complex ground. We posit that discovery of principles of superb biological mobility with parallel systematic study of robotic physical models can help create the next generation of mobile devices. To aid our ARO funded laboratory studies, we request Research Instrumentation RI to purchase two 3Dprinters, which we will use to fabricate a wide of variety of objects that will interface with our current robots, allow the creation of new robots, serve as heterogeneities in granular media, and serve as adaptor and connector elements to enhance our current experimental apparatus. The instrumentation will i establish a new research capability in that we will be able to rapidly create geometries that are difficult, time-consuming, expensive, or impossible to make using conventional manufacturing methods. ii It will enhance the quality of research presently being funded by ARO since the ARO funding seeks to understand the locomotive performance of organisms through complex granular media through the systematic variation of parameters associated with biologically inspired robots.. We require two 3Dprinters, one with moderate resolution where fine resolution is not necessary, such as certain experimental apparatus enhancements, and one high resolution printer for variation of limb and heterogeneous boulder geometries.

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