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Engineering Investigation of Information Integration Display (IID) Integration with Platform Systems

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Technical Report,01 Jan 0001,01 Jan 0001

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Lockheed Martin Canada Dartmouth, NS Canada

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This project investigated the feasibility and level of effort in acquiring the data required by the Information Integration Display IID system from current and near-future submarine systems. An IID Information Matrix is presented that describes 183 unique information types needed by the IID. For each of these, we identify potential submarine system sources, recommendmethods to make this information available to the IID, and list properties, both as needed by the IID and as available from the source. Recommendations for providing information to the IID include i developing an interface to CCS 876 Unicast data, ii developing remote devices at four key locations, networked to the IID, to facilitate manual data collection and planning activities and provide the only feasible source of such data for the IID, iii separate downloading of systems a priori data e.g., charts from SHINNADS Dual Monitor SDM to the IID, iv maintaining history data in the IID, and v manual data entry into IID where appropriate. Based on the completed IID Information Matrix, we identify several issues and suggest appropriate solutions. Finally, we describe any outstanding issues and recommend the way ahead.

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