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Analysis of Fatty Acid and Growth Profiles in Ten Shewanella spp. to Associate Phylogenetic Relationships

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2013,31 Oct 2015

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Naval Research Laboratory Washington

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Shewanella spp. are from a large family of bacteria Shewanellaceae used for studying fundamental stress responses from environmental cues.Therefore, a systematic and controlled alteration of growth conditions could be used to uncover associations between phylogenetically dissimilarmicroorganisms from the same genus using physiological responses. To understand these changes, a shift in fatty acid length distributions andgrowth of ten phylogenetically diverse Shewanella spp. were monitored when grown in a chemically defined culture medium at pH 6, 7, or 8.Under these different growth conditions, the Shewanella spp. systematically shifted fatty acid carbon chain length profiles to adapt to differentenvironments. There was an observed shift to longer fatty acid carbon lengths with increased pH, as well as a change to a predominant type offatty acid i.e., terminally branched in six of the ten species at pH 7. However, these trends were not consistent among all phylogenetically relatedstrains tested, but resulted in new associations between dissimilar Shewanella spp. based on physiology.

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