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Synthesis of New Elastomeric Polymers and Specialty Chemicals.

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Final rept. 1 Mar 70-31 Jan 72,

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Highly fluorinated esters and related compounds have been prepared and fluorinated with SF4 to the corresponding ethers. Essentially quantitative GLC yields of the ethers were obtained. A partially fluorinated polyalkylene oxide was prepared and subsequently fluorinated with SF4 in 89 yield. Relative rates of reaction with SF4 were obtained for these systems. The data are discussed from a mechanistic viewpoint. Carboxy nitroso rubber terpolymers containing 1, 1.5, 4, 6, and 9 mole percent nitrosoperfluorobutyric acid were prepared. The sample sizes varied from a few grams to two kilograms. Difunctional oligomers of perfluorinated epoxides were prepared in the form of acid fluorides, acid azides, isocyanates, amides, and nitriles. Catalytic and thermal decomposition of oligomer isocyanates were investigated. Tertiary diacid fluorides were prepared by the reaction of diacid fluorides with perfluoroisobutylene oxide. The tertiary diacid fluorides were converted to the dinitrile via the diamide. Polyaliphatic ether diamines were prepared by cyanoethylation of a polyaliphatic diol followed by reduction of the nitrile to the amine. These compounds were also prepared by the reaction of ammonia with the dimesylates of polyaliphatic ether diols. Acrylonitrile was grafted to samples of ethylene-propylene copolymers, Nordel-1070 and EPR-404. Several approaches to the preparation of omega-cyanoperfluoroalkyl anhydrides were considered. None of these resulted in a practical method of synthesis of these compounds. Author

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  • Polymer Chemistry

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