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Preliminary Design of a 3-D Model Display.

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Technical rept. 3 Jan-15 Aug 72,

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This report covers the first phase of an effort directed toward the development of a true 3-D demonstration model display based upon the sequential excitation to fluorescence of erbium-doped calcium fluoride by intersecting laser beams. This phase of the work was principally concerned with analysis and preliminary design of a demonstration model system capable of displaying 10 to 20 spots within a field of 1,000,000 possible locations in a 3-D display volume. The feasibility of implementing such a demonstration model within existing technology was investigated through 1 an assessment of the state of the art of applicable components, and 2 the development of models to permit analysis of display qualityperformance in terms of display materials and component characteristics. The study has conclusively shown the feasibility and expected performance for several candidate system configurations. The results show the system to be surprisingly tolerant of system component variations which result in beam aiming errors. Due to the Gaussian nature of the two laser beams, spot shape is found to be unaffected by imperfect beam intersection. Also, spot location and brightness effects, arising from beam misregistration, are less than anticipated. The single roadblock to a display of considerably higher performance than the currently practical demonstration model is the availability of an improved pulsed laser source of 1.53 microns. Author

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Electrooptical and Optoelectronic Devices

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