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Micro-Navigator (MICRON) Phase 1A. Volume I. Technical Report.

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Final rept. Apr 71-May 72,

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Micro Navigator MICRON will be a low cost, strapdown, inertial navigation system. This system is based on the Micro Electrostatic Gyro MESG. The MESG is a small two-axis instrument that features a whole angle readout. It contains only one moving part, a solid spherical rotor, one centimeter in diameter. The rotor is electrostatically suspended between electrodes inside a ceramic envelope. The MICRON Phase 1A Program was a major step in the development of MICRON. The objectives of this program were 1 to design, fabricate and test the MESG that will be used in the Experimental Demonstration Model of the MICRON System EDS, and 2 to prepare a preliminary design and a model specification for the EDS. Environmental and performance evaluation tests were conducted with MESGs of the design that existed at the beginning of the program. These tests included temperature sensitivity, cold soak, vibration, shock, and angular rate tests. Areas requiring improvement were identified. Design changes, including a stiffer suspension servo, were made. Three new MESGs were fabricated, and additional tests were performed. Drift rate calibration residuals were reduced to 0.012 deghr and angle readout calibration residuals were reduced to 0.095 mrad. A model specification for an inertial navigation system designated the N57A was prepared. The principal design goals for this system are a CEP rate of one nmhr, a velocity error of five ftsec, and a weight of 45 lb. This system is intended to demonstrate performance and will incorporate only part of the advanced packaging features required for the ultimate MICRON system.

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