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Micro-Electrostatic Gyro (MESG) Development.

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Final rept. Dec 70-Apr 71,

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The Micro-Electrostatic Gyro MESG is a whole-angle, two-axis instrument which is suitable for strapdown applications. The rotor of the MESG is a 1 cm solid beryllium sphere supported by electrostatic forces within an evacuated spherical envelope. Electrostatic bearing torques cause the rotor to precess in inertial space. Previous studies has shown that the resulting drift rates could be calibrated with respect to a suitable mathematical model of the torques, and the model could then be used to predict the drift rate. The objectives of this study were 1 to evaluate design improvements in the suspension electronics, 2 to perform drift rate calibration tests during which the rotor spin axis changed orientation with respect to local gravity, 3 to conduct a search of the literature relative to electrostatic gyros and strapdown systems, and 4 to develop a drift rate simulation program for the MESG. Approximately 170 gyro drift test hours were recorded and evaluated, with the resulting rms drift rate residuals ranging from 0.02 to 0.05 deghr per axis, and with comparable repeatability from turn-on to turn-on. A test plan was prepared for evaluating the MESG under varying thermal, dynamic, and electrical environmental conditions. A systematic search and collection of technical reports on MESG-related technologies was conducted, and a gyro simulator program was prepared for determining the stable and nonstable drift rate characteristics of the MESG as functions of the design characteristics of the MESG and its suspension electronics. Author

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