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Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of GaAs on Spinel.

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Interim rept. no. 1, 1 May-30 Oct 70,

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Research on the epitaxial growth and characterization of GaAs on magnesium aluminate spinel has been carried out. Single crystal GaAs films unintentionally doped with thicknesses up to 70 micrometers have been grown on a spinel substrate using the vapor phase reaction between CH33Ga and AsH3. The effect of growth conditions on the layer characteristics has been studied in order to achieve optimization of the film properties. Growth parameters studied include substrate orientation, substrate surface preparation, growth temperature, gas flow conditions, reactor geometry, and source material purification. The purity of the source material has been found to play a critically important role in determining both the crystallinity and the electrical properties of the films. Films with electron and hold mobilities up to, respectively, 4000 and 300 sq cmV-sec have been prepared. Epitaxial growth of GaAs on GaAsspinel composite using vapor phase and liquid phase techniques was explored with encouraging results. The epitaxial GaAs-spinel composites have been characterized by x-ray diffraction, electron diffraction, electron microscopy, and optical techniques. Information on the crystalline perfection, epitaxial orientation relationships, surface structures, and optical constants has been obtained. The overall single crystalline GaAs deposits are composed of crystallites which are misoriented by plus or minus 0.1 degree from the nominal orientation of the layer. The stress in the epitaxial GaAs was determined to be 1x10 to the 9th power dynesq cm. Author

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  • Crystallography
  • Solid State Physics

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