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Flight Loads Investigation of AH-1G Helicopters Operating in Southeast Asia

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From a structural flight loads program on three AH-1G helicopters, 408.2 hours of valid multichannel flight data were recorded as the helicopters operated from bases in Southeast Asia. Data were processed and analyzed according to four distinct flight phases, termed mission segments 1 takeoff and ascent 2 maneuver 3 descent, flare, and landing and 4 steady state. Data are presented in the form of time and occurrence tables, histograms, and exceedance curves. These data indicate the time spent in the mission segments and parameter ranges the number of peak parameter values occurring in the ranges of the given parameter, during each of the mission segments, and in the ranges of one or more related parameters and the time to reach or exceed given maneuver and gust normal load factors. The data are presented in two samples of 201.7 hours and 206.5 hours. These samples, identified as Sample I and Sample II respectively, were obtained consecutively. Sample I was recorded between August 1968 and April 1969, and Sample II was recorded between April 1969 and November 1969. This separate presentation is made to permit an evaluation of the validity of the 200-hour sample as an adequate data base. The differences between the two samples were minor, and the two samples were observed to be similar in their distributions of flight data.

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  • Aerodynamics
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