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Comparative Study Following Injection of Autologous Lymphocyte Bisdiazotized Benzidine Foreign Protein

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Autologous lymphocytes from mesenteric lymph nodes of adult New Zealand rabbits were coupled with 7S human gamma globulin and bisdiazotized benzidine LGB and injected into two groups of rabbits. Eight rabbits group 1 were injected intravenously with 0.05 ml of LGB complex and sacrificed on the 10th day. Ten rabbits group 2 received 0.05 ml LGB suspended in a 1 ml incomplete Freunds adjuvant. One half of this suspension was injected intradermally, the remaining amount intramuscularly. This group was sacrificed 7 days following the injection. Group 3 consisted of 35 normal uninjected control animals. Areas of symmetrical lymphoid follicles of the spleen were compared in the two groups with the normal controls. The first group showed a significant difference in the size of splenic follicles in both the central and marginal zones as compared with the controls P 0.001. A significant difference was not observed in group 2. Differences between the two groups indicate that intravenous injection is preferred. Histochemical studies were made on all lymphoid tissues for beta-galactosidase using indolyl substrate, and galactosidase-positive cells were counted. A significant increased occurred in the number of cells in group 1. This increase was marked in the thymus and popliteal lymph node and differs from previous results for specific beta- galactosidase induction by isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactoside, as the latter effect subsided by the 7th day.

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