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Inorganic Mass Spectrometry and Thermochemistry Related to Fuels, Structural Materials and Polymers.

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Final scientific rept. 1 Oct 66-30 Sep 70,

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Measurements of the heats of hydrolysis of about 20 compounds of the type Me3M-X Me CH3 M Si, Ge, or Sn and X Cl, Br, I, OMe, SC4H9-n, NMe2, NM3MMe3, NMMe32, and NHMMe3, and the heats of combustion of Et4Si, Me6Si2, and Me3Si2O analysis gave standard heats of formation and thermochemical bond energy terms. Computer analysis of thermochemical data has been carried out and a thermochemical center has been established to provide computer-processed, mutually-consistent and updated standard heats of formation. Measurements of 1st ionization potentials of all the 20 boron halides BXXX mass spectrometrically and of other simple boron compounds, and quantum mechanical analysis of the results has been completed. Measurements of mass spectrometric appearance potentials for Group IV derivatives and computation of M-M and M-M bond dissociation energies has been carried out. Measurements of 11B nuclear magnetic spectra for BXXXBYYY systems provided equilibrium constants for redistribution and 11B19F coupling constants. H n.m.r. spectra of BN compounds have provided BN rotational energy barrier data. Measurements of photon-excitation photoelectron spectra for simple compounds of BXXX provided the energies of the four or five highest occupied orbital energy levels and their assignments according to symmetry and bonding. Measurements of 119Sn Mossbauer spectra and heteronuclear double resonance and Indor spectra of many organotin compounds have been carried out. Author

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  • Organic Chemistry

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