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Inorganic Halogen Oxidizers

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Annual rept. 1 Apr 1970-31 Mar 1971

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New covalent inorganic perchlorates were prepared from chlorine perchlorate. The compound IClO43 was partially characterized and NClO43 deduced as a primary reaction product. CsIClO44 was synthesized. The action of ClSO3F and I2 produces a variety of iodine fluorosulfates. One partially characterized species is OIF2SO3F. Fluorosulfates of nitrogen could not be made from the reaction of NCl3 and C1SO3F. Neither chlorine perbromate nor chlorine bromate could be isolated from reactions of Cl2O4 with appropriate salts. The reactions of ClSO3F and metal periodates gives IO4SO3F which is apparently a covalent peroxide. Iodyl fluorofulfate and F2 at ambient temperature give SO3F2, IF5O and IF7. The covalent nature of IO2SO3F was supported by the formation of SO3F2. The use of SF4 as a fluorinating agent toward IO2SO3F resulted in the formation of IF5 and S2O5F2. The synthesis of C106 could not be effected through the reaction of C1204 and 02AsF6. Based on the nature of the products obtained, a reaction sequence was constructed consistent with the intermediacy of ClO6. The new chlorofluorine of selenium, SeF5Cl, was prepared from CsSeF5 and ClSO3F. Extensive data on SeF5Cl are reported. The study of the reaction of all the chlorine fluorides and HNO3 was completed. No nitrate derivatives of chlorine other than ClNO3 could be formed. Complete vibrational data have been detailed and reported for a number of species, the crystal structure of BrF4Sb2F11 has been determined.

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  • Inorganic Chemistry

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