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Fortran Programs for (P, gamma) Yield Calculations Based on Vavilov's Theory of Energy Loss Distributions.

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Two Fortran programs have been written to provide a method for the analysis of p, gamma resonance yield curves for targets that may be thick compared to resonance width but which have a total energy loss small compared to the energy of the incident particle. For the sake of definiteness, p, gamma reactions are discussed but the programs may be used for some other incident particles as well. The programs are designed with several kinds of usage in view in each, calculated and experimental yield curves are to be compared. A subprogram for plotting yield curves on a Calcomp plotter facilitates this comparison. Other subprograms provide plots that are useful in insuring that suitable parameters have been chosen as input data. Among the uses envisioned are the extraction of resonance widths and energies from experimental p, gamma yield data for homogeneous targets and for targets that have a layer of inert matter or matter that contributes to the yield but which is different from that of the target the determination of the energy loss characteristics of a layer of matter on a target which produces a reaction with a sharp resonance of known properties the determination of target thickness, e.g., for solid targets used in neutron production the determination of the atomic composition of certain kinds of thin films the calculation of energy loss distributions and the calculation of the beam energy distribution after the beam has passed through a slab of matter. Author

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