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The Relationship Between Mycoplasma Species and Selected Respiratory Viruses (Adenovirus, Influenza Virus and Rhinovirus)

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Technical Report,01 Jan 1970,31 Dec 1970

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Because of the importance of adenovirus and M. pneumoniae infections in military personnel, emphasis was placed on a study of these interactions. These investigations have shown that M. pneumoniae apparently stimulates 3H-thymidine uptake DNA synthesis by adenovirus type 4 in L-132 cell monolayer systems, when cell systems were treated with mycoplasma at minus 48 and minus 24 hours prior to the virus inoculum. There appeared to be slight increases of adenovirus yields in mycoplasma-treated cells compared to virus-cell systems measured by both tube end-point and fluorescent antibody titrations. For the purpose of comparison, another DNA virus, Herpes simplex virus was selected. M. pneumoniae, added at 48 and 24 hours before herpes virus inoculations, appeared to enhance the viral-produced CPE in rabbit kidney monolayers. In contrast, if KB cell monolayers were pre-treated with herpes virus, instead of mycoplasma, and subsequently infected with rhinovirus, the rhinovirus RNA synthesis was partially or completely inhibited, respectively. In a comparable study, pre-treatment of KB cell systems with adenovirus type 4, did not appear to effect rhinovirus RNA synthesis. Finally, the interaction of M. pneumoniae and influenza APR8 virus was observed in 1,308 mice. These combinations of mycoplasma and influenza appeared to produce earlier symptoms and deaths than observed in mice infected with virus alone.

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