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T51 Aerial Emplaced Mine-Clearing Device (Cresset)

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[Technical Report, Technical Report]

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A satisfactory system Cresset for the aerial delivery of a linear charge into minefields, against beach obstacles, and against light structures was developed. A parachute dispensing system was used, capable of deploying 300 feet of linear charge in a relatively straight line. In 24 drops made to develop and test various parachute systems and components, an average effective length of 65 was achieved. In 13 later drops made to compile statistical data on the system selected as best, this average was improved to 75. Four drops of the system selected as best onto the beach gave an average effective length exceeding 92. Against inland targets, three drops gave inadequate performance because of defects which have since been eliminated and three were unsatisfactory because of unusually rough terrain and breaking of the arming wires upon release from the aircraft. The arming wire defects have been corrected. It is believed that an average effective length of 85 to 90 can be expected from the Cresset system. Linear charge effectiveness against antitank mines was well over the minimum requirement of 90 clearance of a 20-foot lane. The average of all clearance results showed 65-foot lanes cleared 90, 36-foot lanes cleared 100.


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  • Ammunition and Explosives

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