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Fragmentation of Complete Bullpup Guided Missiles XASM-N-7 Containing 260 lb. Fragmentation Bombs AN-M81 as Warheads

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Two BULLPUP Missiles XASM-N-7, with empty rocket motors and containing 260 lb0 fragmentation bombs AN-M81 as warheads, were statically detonated in a 40 ft. - 60 ft. radius field arena for the determination of fragmentation pattern, mass distribution and associated fragment velocities to aid in the study of hazard to launching aircraft. The second of the two missiles produced at low order detonation. The following is a summary of the results obtained from the high order detonation of the first missile a. The missile propulsion section, including wings, was blown to the rear, essentially intact, at a velocity less than 100 ftsec. b. The missile warhead section produced a well defined fragment beam spray similar to that which would be expected to be obtained from the bomb when not encased in the missile. c. approximately 40 large fragments, ranging in weight up to 2877 grams and in area up to 100 square inches, from the forward guidance section of the missile were recovered on the ground within the arena area. d. The approximate weights of fragments and maximum fragment velocities recorded over a 40 ft. baseline were as follows.


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