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Title :   Joint Force Quarterly. Number 1, Summer 1993

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Personal Author(s) : Bernstein, Alvin H ; Cronin, Patrick M ; Silano, Robert A ; Peters, Jr, Martin J ; Kelley, Calvin B

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Report Date : Jan 1993

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Abstract : In a society such as ours, overwhelmed with information but deeply dependent upon clear I do not say simple ideas, journals can play a critical role. The best of them synthesize facts in order to formulate useful ideas. Joint Force Quarterly aims to do precisely this. At the same time, its appearance marks a milestone in the history of the American military's progress from a force that first won a young nation its independence, then served as the successful defender of its fundamental values, and finally became what it is today the most powerful protector of liberty that the world has ever known, whether reckoned relatively or absolutely. This historic milestone not only marks an extraordinary political success. It bears witness to the development of an American military whose skills and equipment have arrived at a degree of excellence as unachievable as it was unimaginable just a decade ago. In the dozen years between Desert One and Desert Storm, our Armed Forces have reached a watershed in their operational quality. JFQ aims to chart and analyze that course, so that the understanding thus gained will enable us to build upon this remarkable achievement and assure its continuation. Here, then, is a forum where wisdom from the past can serve us in the future. The journal s specific interest is in the ideas that will improve our ability to work together. Hence, it focuses on three related areas: joint and combined operations; interservice and multiservice interests that bear directly on jointness; and unique service concerns that influence the culture of the U.S. Armed Forces. The ultimate purpose is to ensure that our military remains able to deter or defeat any future enemy, should storm clouds again gather on the strategic horizon and hostile forces threaten our interests or those of our allies.


Subject Categories : Military Forces and Organizations
      Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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