Accession Number : ADA613118

Title :   Coupled Atom-Polar Molecule Condensate Systems: A Theoretical Adventure

Descriptive Note : Final rept. 5 Apr 2010-4 Apr 2014


Personal Author(s) : Ling, Hong Y

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Report Date : 14 Jul 2014

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Abstract : An important goal of this proposal is to explore the physics of heteronuclear models: coupled atom-molecule systems where heteronuclear or polar molecules are formed from atoms of distinct species via interspecies Feshbach resonance or photoassociation. The studies conducted to fulfill this goal include the generalization of the technique of the stimulated Raman adiabatic passage to multi-level atom-molecule systems, the detection of exotic phases using electromagnetically induced transparency, and matter-wave bistability and phase separation in the coupled atom-molecule system. Another (extended) goal of this proposal is to explore the physics of cold-atom mixtures between a (single- or two-component) Fermi gas and a dipolar quantum gas in which the density fluctuation appears in the form of the phonons that obey an anisotropic dispersion spectrum. The studies under this goal include the competition between the triplet superfluid and the singlet superfluid in a 3D dipolar Bose-Fermi mixture, the resonant enhancement of the chiral p-wave superfluid pairings by lowing the energy cost of the phonons the roton minimum in a quasi-2D dipolar Bose-Fermi mixture, and the Cherenkov radiation of Bogolubov phonon modes in a polaronic model in which impurity fermions interact with background bosons in a dipolar condensate.


Subject Categories : Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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