Accession Number : ADA601874

Title :   Hypoxia, Color Vision Deficiencies, and Blood Oxygen Saturation

Corporate Author : WATERLOO UNIV (ONTARIO)

Personal Author(s) : Hovis, Jeffery K ; Milburn, Nelda J ; Nesthus, Thomas E

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Report Date : Nov 2013

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Abstract : Chromatic thresholds were measured using the Cambridge Color Test (CCT), Color Assessment and Diagnosis (CAD) test, and Cone Specific Contrast Test at ground and 3780 m (12,400 ft) for subjects with normal color vision and red-green color vision defects. The CAD revealed a small (10%) increase in the red-green thresholds for the trichromatic subjects and a similar increase in the blue-yellow thresholds for the dichromats. The other two color vision tests did not reveal any significant change in chromatic thresholds. The CAD results for the trichromats were consistent with a rotation of the discrimination ellipse counterclockwise, with little change in the elliptical area. This alteration in the color discrimination ellipse is consistent with the hypothesis that the effects of mild hypoxia on basic visual function are similar to lowering the retinal illuminance.


Subject Categories : Anatomy and Physiology

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