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Title :   Comparative Analyses of Multi-Pulse Phase Controlled Rectifiers in Continuous Conduction Mode with a Two-Pole LC Output Filter for Surface Ship DC Applications

Descriptive Note : Master's thesis


Personal Author(s) : Young, Kurt A

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Report Date : Mar 2013

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Abstract : The Navy of tomorrow will require a robust and reconfigurable power system capable of supplying power not only to large high power propulsion loads but to growing combat system loads like high power radar and pulse loads such as rail guns and free-electron lasers. A critical component in such a system is the phase controlled rectifier. As such, the issues associated with the inclusion of a power electronics rectifier need to be addressed. These issues include input Alternating Current (AC) interface requirements, the output Direct Current (DC) load profile, and overall stability in the presence of non-linear loads. Understanding these issues and determining the means of assuring compatibility with a Navy all-electric ship is the focus of this thesis. By using a Simulink model of a variable parameter load, several multiple-pulse count, high power rectifiers were exercised. The Simulink results were compared to the linearized small signal transfer function analysis results. These experiments led to the conclusion that increasing the pulse count and output filtering reduces the input interface current distortion. However, there are tradeoffs in terms of complexity and size of the passive components, and optimization based on source and load specifications is required.


Subject Categories : Electrical and Electronic Equipment

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