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Title :   To Our Great Detriment: Ignoring What Extremists Say About Jihad

Descriptive Note : Master's thesis


Personal Author(s) : Coughlin, Stephen C

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Report Date : Jul 2007

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Abstract : This thesis addresses three fundamental research questions: (1) Why have we failed to do a doctrine-based threat assessment?, (2) What is the doctrinal basis of the jihad threat?, and (3) How can we come to understand the jihadi threat? A brief discussion of the research questions will be used to frame the hypothesis that Islamic law forms the doctrinal basis of the jihadi threat that can only be understood through an unconstrained review of the Islamic law of jihad. Chapter 1, The Chairman's Charge, discusses the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's Comments on Doctrine and the War on Terror, Failure to Conduct a Doctrine-based Assessment of the Enemy, a Doctrinal Basis Exists for the Jihadi Threat, Understanding the Threat -- Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) and the Current Approach, and the Relevance of Islamic Law to the War on Terrorism. Chapter 2, Methodology, Doctrine, and Review of Literature, discusses Methodology: The Pure and Applied -- Templating an Idea-based Threat. Chapter 3, Islamic Law -- Already the Law, discusses Constitutional Deference to Islam. Chapter 4, Principles of Sunni Islamic Law, discusses Sacred Islamic Law -- the Shari'a -- Allah's Sovereign Law, and Rules of Interpretation. Chapter 5, Review of Core Islamic Law Relating to Jihad, discusses Jihad in Islam, Going Deep on Jihad -- The Role of Submission, and Conclusions to Jihad in Islam. Chapter 6 is entitled Disarmed in the War of Ideas. The appendices are as follows: the Muslim Brotherhood and the Call to Jihad, Is the Iraqi Constitution Fatally Flawed?, Abrogation and Progressive Revelation, The Caliphate Explains Verse 5:51 to the Ummah, The Lesser and Greater Jihad -- An Explanation, Real Islamic Rulings on War, and the Legal Pedigree on the Treatment of Prisoners.


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      Unconventional Warfare

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