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Title :   Co-expression of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor and Stem Cell Markers: A Novel Approach to Target Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells

Descriptive Note : Annual rept. 1 Swpt 2011-31 Aug 2012

Corporate Author : DUKE UNIV DURHAM NC

Personal Author(s) : Schomberg, David W

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Report Date : Sep 2012

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Abstract : The purpose of this project is to determine whether the Follicle-stimulating Hormone Receptor (FSHR) is co-expressed with a sufficient number of ovarian cancer stem cell markers to consider it as a new experimental target for novel nanotechnology approaches capable of destroying ovarian cancer stem/progenitor cells (OCSCs). The work scope involves determining whether: 1) ovarian cancer ascites cells co-express the FSHR and several OCSCs (as determined by fluorescence-activated cell sorting [FACS] and RT-PCR), 2) cultures cloned from a single cell demonstrate co-expression and 3) ascites cells/tumors formed in nude mice continue to co-express the FSHR and relevant markers. To date, we have demonstrated that the FSHR is definitively co-expressed with the OCSC markers CD44, Notch 2, and Nanog (FACS and/or mRNA; replicated), marginally expressed with CD133, Notch 3, Oct 4, ALDH1, and LGR5 (require additional replicates) and is not co-expressed with Notch 1 or 4, CD117,or ABCG2. FSHR /Notch 2-expressing cells in primary culture expressed FSHR mRNA after several generations in an amount consistent with stem cell characteristics. Nude mouse experiments to confirm co-expression in vivoare on-going. These results are very encouraging and if extended could justify further experimentation to ascertain whether the FSHR might be a realistic target enabling very specific destruction of OCSCs.


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