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Title :   Permeable Reactive Barrier: Technology Update


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Report Date : Jun 2011

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Abstract : This document is intended to serve as a comprehensive technical and regulatory resource when a PRB is being considered as an in situ remedy for contaminated groundwater. Readers who will benefit include state and federal regulators, consultants, project managers, and other stakeholders and technology implementers. This document provides updated information regarding innovative approaches in applying PRB technology to treat a variety of groundwater contaminants; it provides fresh ways to evaluate the site-specific applicability of a PRB and provides some basic information for readers new to PRBs. Section 2 discusses regulatory considerations; Sections 3, 4, 5, and 6 look at how to determine whether a PRB is suitable for a site and how to design/construct the right PRB to get the job done. Section 7 covers monitoring network design; evaluating remedial performance; and monitoring the effects of the PRB on hydraulics, geochemistry, and microbiology of the groundwater system. In addition, monitoring approaches for concentration-based and mass flux performance standards are covered, and downgradient water quality issues and advanced monitoring tools also are discussed in Section 7. Section 8 discusses sustainability issues related to PRBs, while the PRB as a green and sustainable remedial technology is discussed in Section 9. Where possible, this document identifies important regulatory issues to consider at each stage of the remedial process. Case summaries are included (Appendix A) to illustrate various PRB designs, contaminants treated, reactive media used, and cost data for implementing PRB technologies. Appendix D is a glossary of terms.


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