Accession Number : ADA532466

Title :   Desulfurization of Hydrocarbon Fuels at Ambient Conditions Using Supported Silver Oxide-Titania Sorbents

Descriptive Note : Doctoral thesis

Corporate Author : AUBURN UNIV AL

Personal Author(s) : Nair, Sachin A

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Report Date : 13 Dec 2010

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Abstract : Sulfur in refined fuels is considered a significant cause for atmospheric pollution such as acid rain and smog. Sulfur is also a poison for electrocatalysts in fuel cells and catalysts in hydrocarbon refining and reformation processes. Thus sulfur removal is essential for large scale production of transportation fuels as well as in smaller scales for mobile and stationary fuel cell and reforming applications. Hydro desulfurization (HDS) is the most prevalent desulfurization technology used currently. Several alternative technologies have been reported to be effective in sulfur removal from liquids such as catalytic oxidation, biological sulfur removal and membrane separation. The presented work focuses on the formulation, optimization and mechanistic investigations of adsorptive desulfurization adsorbents for liquid fuels at ambient conditions.


Subject Categories : Physical Chemistry

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