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Title :   Multidimensional Modeling of Fuel Composition Effects on Combustion and Cold-starting in Diesel Engines


Personal Author(s) : Ayoub, Nabil S ; Reitz, Rolf D

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Report Date : Jan 1995

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Abstract : A computer model developed for describing multicomponent fuel vaporization, and ignition in diesel engines has been applied in this study to understand cold-starting and the parameters that are of significant influence on this phenomena. This research utilizes recent improvements in spray vaporization and combustion models that have been implemented in the KIVA-II CFD code. Typical engine fuels are blends of various fuels species, i.e., multicomponent. Thus, the original single component fuel vaporization model in KIVA-II was replaced by a multicomponent fuel vaporization model (based on the model suggested by Jin and Borman). The model has been extended to model diesel sprays under typical diesel conditions, including the effect of fuel cetane number variation. Necessary modifications were carried out in the atomization and collision sub-models. The ignition model was also modified to account for fuel composition effects by modifying the Shell ignition model. The improved model was applied to simulate diesel engine cold-starting. The effect of fuel residual from previous cycles was studied and was found to be important. Other injection parameters, such as injection timing and duration were also studied. Another factor that was investigated was engine geometry and how it can be modified to improve on cold-starting in diesel engines. Cold-starting was found to be enhanced by the presence of a small fuel vapor residual and by a shorter injection duration, while engine geometry modifications were found to be helpful in selecting an optimum location on the cylinder head for an ignition aid.


Subject Categories : Computer Programming and Software
      Combustion and Ignition
      Reciprocating and Rotating Engines

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