Accession Number : ADA260985

Title :   Minutes of the Explosives Safety Seminar (25th) Held in Anaheim, California on 18-20 August 1992. Volume 2


Personal Author(s) : Douthat, C D ; Dibella, Fred ; Crawford, Ken ; Song, So-young ; Langberg, Helge ; Becker, Larry D ; Soleau, Edward W ; Twisdale, L A ; Hewkin, D J ; Kartachak, Thomas

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Report Date : 20 Aug 1992

Pagination or Media Count : 635

Abstract : This document contains information on: Risk assessment methodology to evaluate public risk for cleanup of ordnance at formerly used defense sites; Operation Desert Sweep--the restoration of Kuwait; Ordnance removal and the public: Public affairs at formerly used defense sites; Overview and R and D Test planning for the Joint U.S./ROK R and D and Test Program for new underground ammunition storage technologies; Effect of blast traps on air blast propagation in underground explosive storages; Blast attenuation effect of access tunnel configurations for underground magazines--a parameter study; A geographic information system (GIS) for explosives facility sitting analysis; Sitting of an explosives assembly and storage operation for maximum utilization of limited available area; Uncertainties and probabilistic risk assessment of explosive safety; Consequences of pressure blast--The probability of fatality inside buildings; The role of risk analysis in directing the quality assurance program of the U.S. Army Chemical Material Destruction Agency; Chemical warfare material at formerly used defense sites; Hot gas decontamination of explosives-- contaminated equipment; Decontamination of chemical agent contaminated structures and equipment; Camp stanley underground magazine design validation test; Hydrocode calculations for simulation of 1/3-scale munitions storage facility tests; Ground motions form detonations in underground magazines in rock; Brick model tests of shallow underground magazine; Measures proposed to improve the safety of material within the defence establishment; Storage cost- benefit analysis in case of giving up 1.1 munitions.


Subject Categories : Ammunition and Explosives

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