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Title :   Descriptive Summaries of the Research Development Test & Evaluation Army Appropriation FY 1983. Supporting Data FY 1983, Budget Estimate Submitted to Congress February 1982, Volume I.


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Report Date : Feb 1982

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Abstract : These volumes contain a descriptive summary for each program element to be financed during FY 1983. Descriptive Summaries for projects within the program elements to be financed during FY 1983 for $5.0 million or more appear immediately following the applicable program element. Where there are several items under development within a project, a separate summary has been provided for each item that exceeds $5.0 million during FY 1983. A Test and Evaluation Section is provided for all major weapon systems. Major weapon systems are identified by an asterick in the Table of Contents. The formats and contents of these volumes are in accordance with guidelines and requirements of the Congreessional Committees. A direct comparison of FY 1981, FY 1982, and FY 1983 data in the Program Element Listing with data shown in the Program Element Listing dated March 1981 will reveal differences. Major procedural causes for differences are attributable to the following factors: Restructuring of the FY 1983 program to provide greater visibility for certain efforts and to improve the effective management of the RDTE program, and Restructuring of the FY 1981 and FY 1982 programs for comparability to the FY 1983 program structure. Procurement data are shown where applicable for items in engineering or operational development. Military construction data are also provided where applicable. Classified information is identified by the use of brackets.

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