Accession Number : ADA113090

Title :   Oceanographic Observations North Pacific Ocean Station VICTOR Standard Section P1 Terminal Report 1964-1972,


Personal Author(s) : Hannon,Lawrence J

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Report Date : Jan 1981

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Abstract : Oceanographic data is considered for Ocean Station VICTOR (December 1964, and January 1966 to February 1972) and for the Coast Guard Standard Section P1 (January 1966 to November 1971) in the Pacific Ocean. Temperature, salinity, and sigma-t profiles of the complete occupations of Standard Section P1 for 1968 to 1971 are presented. The Kuroshio Extension meanders in and out and along P1 on all occupations. The location of the troughs and ridges of these meanders along P1 appears to be random. Ocean Station VICTOR appears to be in some part of the Kuroshio Extension (12 C to 17 C at 200 meters) for the majority of the period. Sub-artic Oyashio water can be seen under the Kuroshio Extension along Standard Section P1 and on Ocean Station VICTOR. The salinity minimum of this water remains 33.9 0/00 to 34.1 0/00, and does not appear to vary despite shifts in the axis of the Kuroshio Extension. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Oceanographic data , North Pacific Ocean , Stations , Cross sections , Temperature , Salinity , Density , Surface waters , Deep oceans , Variations , Profiles

Subject Categories : Physical and Dynamic Oceanography

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