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Title :   Large Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals Based on Monocrystalline Liquid Crystal Blue Phases (Postprint)

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Personal Author(s) : Chen,Chun-Wei ; Hou,Chien-Tsung ; Li,Cheng-Chang ; Jau,Hung-Chang ; Wang,Chun-Ta ; Hong,Ching-Lang ; Guo,Duan-Yi ; Wang,Cheng-Yu ; Chiang,Shen-Ping ; Khoo,Iam-Choon ; Bunning,Timothy J ; Lin,Tsung-Hsien

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Report Date : 28 Sep 2017

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Abstract : Although there have been intense efforts to fabricate large three-dimensional photonic crystals in order to realize their full potential, the technologies developed so far are still beset with various material processing and cost issues. Conventional top-down fabrications are costly and time-consuming, whereas natural self-assembly and bottom-up fabrications often result in high defect density and limited dimensions. Here we report the fabrication of extraordinarily large monocrystalline photonic crystals by controlling the self-assembly processes which occur in unique phases of liquid crystals that exhibit three-dimensional photonic-crystalline properties called liquid-crystal blue phases. In particular, we have developed a gradient temperature technique that enables three-dimensional photonic crystals to grow to lateral dimensions of 1 cm ( 30,000s of unit cells) and thickness of 100 microns ( 300 unit cells). These giant single crystals exhibit extraordinarily sharp photonic bandgaps with high reflectivity, long-range periodicity in all dimensions and well-defined lattice orientation.

Descriptors :   photonic crystals , fabrication , liquid crystals , single crystals , self assembly , temperature gradients , crystal lattices , crystal structure , optical properties , crystal growth

Subject Categories : Crystallography

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