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Title :   Effects of a New Bleaching Gel on Tooth Whitening

Descriptive Note : OSTP Journal Article,17 May 2016,17 May 2016


Personal Author(s) : Barry,Tonya N ; Bailey,Clifton ; Ashcraft-Olmscheid,Deborah ; Vandewalle,Kraig S

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Report Date : 17 May 2016

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Abstract : The purpose of this study was to test the efficacy of a novel bleaching agent containing a unique tri-barrel hydremide peroxide gel (KoR). Bovine incisors were mounted into a custom res in arch-shaped-mounting device. Four groups of 10 teeth were created using mounting devices containing 5 teeth each (n=10). Teeth were immersed in a solution of black tea for six days and allowed to stabilize for seven days. Baseline color readings of L*, a* and b* were obtained using a spectrophotometer. Groups 1 (KoR 13% hydremide peroxide, KoR 16% carbamide peroxide, KoR 34% hydremide peroxide) and 2 (Opalescence Boost 40% hydrogen peroxide (HP) and Opalescence Potassium Fluoride (PF) 15% carbamide peroxide (CP), Ultradent) had bleaching gel applied to the teeth alone and in trays to simulate a combination of in office and home bleaching (Combined). Groups 3 (KoR 16% CP) and 4 (Opalescence PF 15% CP, Ultradent) had bleaching gel applied in trays to simulate home bleaching only (Home). Spectrophotometer readings of L*a* b* were performed again at the end of active bleaching (immediate) and at 3 and 6 months post-bleaching. The mounted teeth specimens were stored in artificial saliva at 37 deg C between active bleaching treatments. Immediately post-bleaching, the use of Opalescence gel resulted in greater change in delta E* and delta b* (less yellow) for Combined and Home bleaching techniques compared to KoR. After six months, Opalescence had significantly greater delta E* and delta b* compared to KoR for Home bleaching only. There was no significant difference in delta L * between Opalescence and KoR at any time period with either technique. The use of the novel tri-barrel hydremide peroxide bleaching system (KoR) did not offer any advantages in the lightening of bovine teeth compared to a traditional bleaching system (Opalescence) of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.

Descriptors :   GELS , Dentistry , BLEACHING AGENTS , spectrophotometer , TEETH

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