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Title :   Exploring Moral Action Using lmmersive Virtual Reality

Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Sep 2015,30 Sep 2016


Personal Author(s) : Slater,Mel

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Report Date : 01 Oct 2016

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Abstract : In the final period the implementation of the scenario has been completed, and the experiment has been run. Data has been collected and at the time of writing partially analysed with results given below. The design of the experiment was given in Report 3, but for convenience we provide the major points here. There are two experimental scenarios that we refer to as Bar and Obedience. Participants first experience the Bar, and I week later the Obedience. The Bar experimental scenario is in the context of sexual harassment and has two phases, all in immersive virtual reality. In phase 1 a group of men are sitting around a table in an open-air bar (Figure 1). The participant is seated amongst the group, and introduces himself to them. The participant is throughout this phase embodied in the body of a man amongst the group. He can see his life-sized virtual body when looking down towards himself, and also in a reflection in a window of the bar. His real movements are mapped to movements of the virtual body through real-time motion capture. The group are talking about mundane matters, and eventually move on to complaints about women. Sitting across from the men is a lone woman. One of the men invites the woman to join them and when she refuses and ignores the group of men, he continues to insist, becoming increasingly aggressive. Eventually one of the men stands up and walks aggressively towards the woman, and the scenario ends. In phase 2 of the experiment the participant relives the whole scenario but in one of two conditions: embodied as another member of the group or embodied as the woman. There are altogether three conditions in the experiments (1) Group: In the second phase the participant is embodied in the group of men (2) Woman: In the second phase the participant is embodied as the woman. (3) Control: the participants experienced the Bar scenario once only, and there were no other virtual characters there at all.

Descriptors :   behavior , virtual reality , personality , regression analysis , sexual harassment , neurobehavioral manifestations

Subject Categories : Psychology

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