Accession Number : AD1012916

Title :   Shear Bond Strength of DentStat(trademark) for Bracket Bonding to Gold, Ceramic, and Enamel

Descriptive Note : Technical Report


Personal Author(s) : Dahlke,Kirk R

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Report Date : 21 Dec 2012

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Abstract : As more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment, patients with gold or porcelain restorations are seeking orthodontic care. Traditional methods of bonding to these restorations require some type of surface modification. DentStat is a compomer that was developed as temporary material for military use in a field environment. There are claims made that it can adhere to any surface. This study attempts to determine if DentStat can be used as a bracket adhesive that does not require surface modification in order to bond brackets. Method: Victory Series brackets were bonded to type III gold, feldspathic porcelain and bovine enamel by using DentStat as the adhesive. When DentStat was used as the adhesive, no modification was made to the substrate surface by either etchant or primer per the manufacturers instructions. The control groups comprised of brackets bonded using Transbond XT and the manufacturers protocol of surface preparation for the three surfaces. Brackets were sheared off with an instron machine. Shear bond strength and adhesive remnant index were recorded. There were 15 samples in each group. The results show that when Transbond XT was used to bond brackets it produced a significantly higher shear bond strength than DentStat. The average shear bond strengths for brackets bonded to the substrates of gold, porcelain, and enamel with DentStat were .0170Mpa, .0974Mpa, and 4.5864Mpa. Those groups bonded with Transbond XT for gold, porcelain, and enamel had an average shearbond strength of 2.3216Mpa, 10.7337Mpa, and 8.4312Mpa respectively. The adhesive remnant index showed that no adhesive was left on the substrate surface following the debonding of brackets that used the DentStat adhesive. A clinically sufficient shear bond strength is above 5.9MPa.DentStat does not produce a clinically sufficient shear bond strength when bonding brackets to any of the tested surfaces without preparation. Transbond XT produces a clinically sufficient shear bond under conditions.

Descriptors :   DENTAL MATERIALS , Clinical trials , teeth , adhesives , ADHESIVE BONDING

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