Accession Number : AD1010332

Title :   Procurement of a Large Area Mapping FTIR Microscope for Organic-Inorganic Interfacial Analysis in Biological Materials

Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Aug 2014,31 Jul 2015

Corporate Author : University of California - Riverside Riverside United States

Personal Author(s) : Kisailus,David

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Report Date : 31 Dec 2015

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Abstract : After acquiring the Infrared Imaging Microscope with large area mapping capabilities for structure-function research and education in composite and semiconducting materials, we have been largely successful in obtaining high quality, high-resolution FTIR maps of multiple biological composites. This includes the chemical mapping of the radular teeth of Cryptochiton stelleri (chiton), the crush resistant exoskeleton from Phloeodes diabolicus (the Iron Clad beetle), and the hard and impact resistant dactyl club from the stomatopod Odontodactylus scyllarus. The FTIR microscope has enabled us to make significant contributions in uncovering details about ultrastructural features of the various regions within these biological composites and has enabled us to begin deriving new design strategies for the synthesis of impact and abrasion-resistant composites. Through the acquisition of this FTIR microscope, we have also enabled the training and education of post-doctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students. Personnel that have utilized this instrument include: Dr. Sourangsu Sarkar (post doctoral researcher), Dr. Lessa Grunenfelder (post-doctoral researcher), Parawee Pumwongpitak (Ph.D. student), Nicholas Yaraghi (Ph.D. student), Steven Herrera (Ph.D. student, Hispanic minority), Jesus Rivera (Ph.D. student, Hispanic minority), Thomas Dugger (Ph.D. student), Ramya Mohan (Ph.D. student), Kanako Sato (visiting Ph.D. student), Brian Macdonald (undergraduate student) and Jeff Geiger (undergraduate student). In addition to training and education, this equipment has enabled our lab to collaborate with multiple PIs around the world, including: Dr. Joanna McKittrick (UCSD), Dr. Matthew Shawkey (Univ. Akron), Dr. Pablo Zavattieri (Purdue University), Dr. Dimitri Deheyn (Scripps, UCSD), Dr. Atsushi Arakaki (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Dr. Yoshiaki Maeda (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Dr. Hiroaki Imai (Keio University).

Descriptors :   mapping microscopes , fourier spectroscopy , infrared spectroscopy , Fourier transformation , composite materials , Biomimetics , mechanical properties , morphology

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