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Title :   Technical Assessment: Integrated Photonics

Descriptive Note : Technical Report

Corporate Author : Office of Technical Intelligence, Office of the ASD for R and E Washin United States

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Report Date : 01 Oct 2015

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Abstract : Photonics is a branch of technology that broadly deals with the generation, modulation, transmission, and detection of photons as applied to fiber optical systems. Since the carrier frequency of the photons are typically very high (hundreds of terahertz), and the propagation loss in the optical fiber is very low (0.2 decibels per kilometer), photonics technology has allowed for the transmission and processing of large amounts of analog or digital information at great distances, powering massive growth in data capacity of communication networks. This has enabled services like the internet, high performance computing, and power-efficient large-scale data centers. The DoD has already begun to capitalize on photonics technology in several areas, such as electronic warfare, chemical and biological detection, digital signal processing, quantum information science, and optics for free space applications. However major obstacles challenge the implementation of photonics to these areas. In particular, it is difficult to interface photonic systems with electronic systems, and even when accomplished, these systems have severe size, weight, and power restrictions. Integrated Photonic Circuits (IPCs) offer a way to circumvent these challenges by miniaturizing photonic systems and allowing for a broader set of applications for this technology. Broadly, an IPC is a compact highly integrated array of interworking photonic components such as lasers, modulators, photodetectors etc. arranged in specific functional configurations to provide power efficient, high-capacity interfaces to electronic systems.

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