Accession Number : AD1008293

Title :   Organic Photovoltaic Multiferroics

Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Aug 2014,31 Jul 2017

Corporate Author : University of Kansas Lawrence United States

Personal Author(s) : Ren,Shenqiang

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Report Date : 14 Jan 2016

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Abstract : In this project, we aim at combining material-by-design and bottom-up assembly strategies to discover and explore the emerging class of organic charge-transfer (CT) superstructures, which enable coexisting magnetic and electric orders at room temperature unattainable in traditional materials, and hold great promise for flexible nanoferronic-optoelectronics. The realization of such applications using CT superstructures requires further enhancement of the multiferroic responses, which benefit greatly from the ability to screen large materials databases. Our combined experimental and computational study reveals that the response of opto-thermo-magneto-electric and ferroic orders are sensitive to organic crystalline structures, and the essential strategy for material-by-design is the control over polymer crystallization and interfacial electron coupling. Based on this principle, remarkable magnetoconductance, and giant thermoelectric and magnetoelectric coupling are achieved for room temperature CT conductive nanoferronics. The details will be discussed in the report of this project and 8published manuscripts over one-year award period. In addition, 1 patent application has been submitted. This project also provides unique education/outreach activities at various levels. The PI participated in the Research for High School Teacher program and recruited 3 local high school science teachers for summer research, which produces a high-profile publication after their summer project. The project has also supported two outstanding undergraduate researchers, Zunwu Zhou and Chris Birzer, both are in chemistry/engineering. Both received undergraduate awards during the project period, and Zunwu Zhou has been admitted to the graduate program of Univ. Arizona. Note: This project has been transferred to Temple University (PIs current affiliation) after one-year award period, and the further progress will be covered in the further progress report.

Descriptors :   self assembly , materials science , MAGNETOELECTRONICS , solar cells , magnetic properties , ferroelectricity , charge transfer , OPTOELECTRONICS , crystal structure , optical properties , Ferroelectric materials

Subject Categories : Electricity and Magnetism

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