Accession Number : AD1004151

Title :   Production of Potent Fully Human Polyclonal Antibodies Against Zaire Ebola Virus in Transchromosomal Cattle

Descriptive Note : Journal Article

Corporate Author : USAMRIID Frederick United States

Personal Author(s) : Dye,John M ; Wu,Hua ; Hooper,Jay ; Kuehne,Ana I ; Coyle,Elizabeth M ; Ortiz,Ramon A ; Fuentes,Sandra ; Herbert,Andrew S ; Golding,Hana ; Bakken,Russell A ; Brannan,Jennifer M ; Kwilas,Steve ; Sullivan,Eddie J ; Luke,Thomas C ; Smith,Gale ; Yang,Chinglai ; Compans,Richard W ; Tripp,Ralph A ; Khurana,Surender

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Report Date : 01 Jul 2016

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Abstract : Polyclonal antibodies, derived from humans or hyperimmunized animals, have been used prophylactically or therapeutically as countermeasures for a variety of infectious diseases. SAB Biotherapeutics has successfully developed a transchromosomic (Tc) bovine platform technology that can rapidly produce fully human immunoglobulins in substantial quantities against a variety of disease targets. In this study, two Tc bovine expressing high levels of human IgG were hyperimmunized with a recombinant glycoprotein (GP) vaccine consisting of the 2014 Ebola virus (EBOV)-Makona isolate. Serum collected from these hyperimmunized Tc bovines contained high titers of human IgG against EBOV GP as determined by GP specific ELISA and virus neutralization assays. Fully human polyclonal antibodies against EBOV were purified and evaluated in a mouse challenge model using mouse adapted Ebola virus (maEBOV). Intraperitoneal administration of the purified anti-EBOV IgG (100 mg/kg) to BALB/c mice one day after lethal challenge with maEBOV resulted in 90 protection; whereas, 100 the control animals succumbed. The results show that hyperimmunization of Tc bovines with EBOV GP can elicit potent neutralizing and protective human IgG antibodies rapidly and in large quantities.

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