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Personal Author(s) : Karcz, Jerzy F.

Report Date : 02 JUL 1957

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Abstract : The main purpose of this study is to present index numbers of Soviet agricultural prices for selected years in the period 1928-1954. Over most of this period an agricultural commodity was likely to be procured by the central government or local agencies at two or more controlled prices, and sold on the free market at still another price. In order to obtain an average realized farm price, the value of all marketings (including payments in kind valued at Soviet accounting prices) is divided by the total quantity marketed. Alternative index numbers are also computed for the average prices actually received by peasant producers (excluding accounting prices). For the period 1928-1937, the data on agricultural marketings and prices are relatively abundant. During this period, average realized farm prices increased about six-fold. For the period 1937-1954, the available data are much more scanty; what information there is suggests that average realized farm prices increased during this period by two and one-half times. A comparison is made of prices received by the farmer or peasant with the prices he must pay for retail goods and services. In 1937, it appears that the peasant's terms of trade were only 70 or 80 per cent as favorable as in 1928; however, from 1937 to 1954, it appears that his terms of trade improved by about 40 per cent. This comparison suggests that relative to the city worker, the peasant is as well off now as he was in 1928. (Author)

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